10 Best Jazz Magazines 2024

Here are the 10 best jazz magazines that are well-regarded for covering the latest news, interviews, reviews, and features in the world of jazz.

  1. DownBeat: A long-standing and widely respected jazz magazine, DownBeat covers a broad spectrum of jazz genres and features interviews, reviews, and articles on jazz artists.

  2. JazzTimes: Known for its comprehensive coverage of the jazz world, JazzTimes provides in-depth features, reviews, and profiles of jazz musicians.

  3. The Jazz Mann: A UK-based jazz magazine that offers reviews, interviews, and news covering both established and emerging jazz artists.

  4. All About Jazz: An online jazz magazine that provides a wealth of information, including reviews, articles, interviews, and a comprehensive events calendar.

  5. Jazzwise: A British publication that covers a wide range of jazz styles, offering reviews, features, and interviews with jazz artists.

  6. Hot House Jazz Magazine: Focused on the New York City jazz scene, Hot House Jazz Magazine provides information on live performances, album reviews, and artist interviews.

  7. The Wire: While not exclusively focused on jazz, The Wire covers a broad spectrum of experimental and innovative music, including avant-garde and free jazz.

  8. Cadence Magazine: Dedicated to avant-garde and free jazz, Cadence Magazine provides reviews, articles, and features on experimental jazz artists.

  9. Jazz Journal International: A UK-based publication that covers jazz from around the world, offering reviews, features, and interviews.

  10. Coda Magazine: Based in Canada, Coda Magazine focuses on jazz and improvised music, providing reviews, articles, and profiles of jazz artists.

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